5 Trendy Vinyl Fence Color Options for Your Home

new gray picket fence outside of beautiful suburban home with landscaped lawn

Are you someone who struggles to pick the right colors for your living space? If so, you might feel overwhelmed starting a fencing project. With many fence color trends emerging, homeowners have many options to match their homes. Which vinyl fence colors should be on your radar? Read on for five stunning options. 1. Classic White White … Read more

Should You Repair or Replace Your Fence? Find Out Here

old picket fence that needs to be painted in front of green yard

Fencing is one of the best home projects, especially considering functionality, curb appeal, and return on investment. Quality fencing will look and function great, and you can expect to recoup at least 50 to 70 percent of fence installation costs in added property value. If you have an old one, things get more complicated. Knowing whether you … Read more

5 Best Privacy Fence Materials for Your Home

large brown privacy fence in front of suburban home

Home improvement projects have been booming for the last few years. Many things can be done to improve your home, but fencing is one of the most functional. High-privacy fencing, in particular, can add security and solitude to your property. There are many ways to achieve this, and it can be difficult to know which is right … Read more

Wood for Fencing: Your Guide to the Best Options

young child wearing sun hat and gloves painting wooden fence

Wood for fencing is a classic choice for homeowners, offering enduring charm and practicality. Its natural allure and durability make it a preferred option for those seeking security and privacy with a touch of rustic elegance. However, the array of wood types available can be overwhelming. In this blog post, the experts at Sustainable Construction … Read more