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We’re a family owned and operated small business serving the Portland, OR metro area and the Vancouver, WA metro area. We’re dedicated to giving you the yard you’ve always wanted. As a local fencing & decking company, we’re devoted to our loyal, local customers and want to give you the best landscaping experience you’ve ever had.

We believe that a rewarding relationship starts and ends with collaboration. We can’t wait to hear about your dreams and use your budget, goals, and current landscape to create beautiful decks and fences together. With our expertise, your voice and vision will be heard and made into a reality.

Fencing without faults

As trusted fencing contractors in Portland and Vancouver we will design and build you the fence that fits your needs at price you can afford.
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Fence Contractors Near Me
If you've searched online for "fence company near me" "fence builders near me" or "fence installation near me" then you’ve come to the right place. Sustainable Construction Solutions is the perfect team for your fence installation. We operate right out of the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA metro area and our local fence builders are excited to work with you!

Our fence builders are ready to help you construct a fence exactly where and how you want it. Like with all of our landscaping services, we offer high-quality craftsmanship as a price that’s honest and affordable.

Our custom-built fences are the perfect way to add beauty, safety, security, privacy, a sense of quiet, and value to your home. When you call us, we’ll work with you directly to see how your vision can be met, and how we can mold your perfect fence to meet the demands of your yard’s landscape.

We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with our tailored fences because your satisfaction is always our #1 priority. As a small, local business, we care about nothing more than the happiness and fulfillment of our customers. If your backyard, front lawn, or pool needs a custom-installed fence that fits both your style, budget, and space, look no further than our fencing contractors. For our customers, sometimes a fence is just a fence— but for us, it’s our pride and joy.

Our fencing

When we think of fencing, we often picture a class picket fence in front of a yard. But in today’s landscaping world, the choices are almost endless. We offer a variety of different fencing materials like wood fencing, composite fencing and metal and chain link fencing to work within your budget and compliment your home and your personal style. When you choose the expert fence installers at Sustainable Construction Solutions for your fencing needs, we’ll help you decide between an assortment of material choices, including:

Wood fencing

The classic, favored for its time-honored appearance. Wood fencing is natural and affordable, and proper maintenance of a wood fence will ensure that it lasts a long time.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl’s strength lies in its, well, strength, as well as its flexibility. Vinyl is a popular choice due to its durability and lack of required maintenance.

Composite fencing

Recycled wood and recycled plastic combine to make a dependable fence that’s good for 0ur planet and will last a lifetime.

Wire, Cattle, Farm Fencing

Wire, Cattle, and Farm fencing can be a great solution for acreage.

Metal & Chain Link fencing

Metal provides so many options for fencing, such as lightweight aluminum or the classic wrought-iron style. With metal, you can create almost anything to meet your desired aesthetic and functions.

Specialized fencing

Want something out of the ordinary? We can create unique fences out of other materials, too. Give us a call to see what we can do for you!

Fence Fixes




Have a fence that’s about to fall? 

Fix it up with Sustainable Construction Solutions! Whether your fence is simply splintering, decaying, or has been impacted by a larger weather force or ancient, let us help you bring it back to life. We can repair and refurbish old fences to significantly extend their lifetime and help them look new again.

Have a fence that just can’t be fixed? 

We can handle that, too. We’ll remove your old fencing and discuss new and improved options for your home.

The Deck
of your dreams

Our custom deck builders will design and build you the deck you’ve always dreamed of at price you can afford.
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Have you searched for "deck builders near me", "deck contractors near me" or "deck companies near me"? Look no further - Sustainable Construction Solutions is the deck installation team for you! Our deck designers will begin the process by making a realized vision out of your dream, and the fine craftsmanship of our deck builders will fully realize your project. Our team works hard to make sure our expertly crafted decks, made from only the best materials, are built for your budget and thoughtfully designed for your home. The deck we create together— and the memories you make with that deck— will last a lifetime.

A custom deck helps transform your yard into an outdoor living space, extending the living areas of your traditional home. A deck can bring so much entertainment to you and your loved ones. Imagine sunbathing on a warm spring day, an afternoon of barbecuing with family, or an evening spent soaking in a hot tub under a cool, starry sky. With a custom deck, all of this— and more— is possible.

Whether you’re looking for simple backyard deck construction or something more complex, we can do it all! Bring joy and value to your outdoor living space with a brand new, custom-built deck from the experts at Sustainable Construction Solutions.

Our decking

We know that you’ve dreamed about this deck, and we want the real thing to be as beautiful as the one in your imagination. That’s why our natural, plastic, and composite decking company offers several types of deck, each with their own particular benefits and made from only the best high-quality materials. Together, we can talk about the strengths and benefits of each type of deck, including: 

Wood decking

Natural, beautiful, and beloved by all. Wood decks are most often made of pressure-treated pine, tropical hardwood, redwood, and cedar. Wood decks can be stained to almost any color you imagine, and they can be treated to last even longer.

Aluminum decking

Aluminum decking is super versatile, so it can be made in a variety of textures and colors. Aluminum is incredibly sturdy, strong, and resistant to weather problems.

Plastic decking

Plastic decks, typically made from polyethylene or PVC material, are trustworthy, lightweight, and resistant to stains.

Composite & Trex decking

A composite deck is made of recycled plastics and wood blended together. This option is sturdy, stable, and easy to keep clean. It will never split or rot, and its recycled nature makes it environmentally friendly, too!

Deck Reconstruction




Is your deck splintering, breaking, or falling apart? Luckily, Sustainable Construction Solutions doesn’t only do brand new decks— we also fix or replace existing decks! 

If your deck has seen better days and needs a little extra love, give us a call. We bring the same affordable pricing and quality guarantee to our work whether we’re creating something new or repairing something old. Let us bring your old deck back to life— or help you find a replacement if it can’t be helped. We even offer a deck cleaning service for those decks that simply need a quick clean and polish to look fresh again.

Our experts can assess your current decking situation and help you choose the best option for your home and budget. Don’t waste your time and risk the safety of your loved ones with a quick DIY fix. Call us, and let our skilled builders help you remake your deck into something beautiful and reliable once again.