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Sustainable Construction Solutions is a local, family-owned residential landscape design company operating within the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA area. Our goal is to provide you with an all-inclusive outdoor experience that you, your friends, and your family will enjoy for years to come.

We’re the best landscaper for you because our landscaping services put you first. While other modern landscape design businesses may want to push a vision onto you, we believe that a successful landscaping experience is a collaborative process. We’ll take the time to hear your individual needs— your budget and your visions, goals, and hopes for your outdoor space— and combine them without landscape design experts’ knowledge. The end result will be a beautiful new outdoor living space stamped with your unique personality.

Backyard design with you in mind

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When we worked with other landscaping companies, we saw how they took advantage of their customers’ time and money by not truly listening to their needs, providing shoddy workmanship, and managing time and preparation poorly. We were sick of seeing unfulfilled promises and unhappy customers. That’s why we’ve founded Sustainable Construction Solutions: for the promise of better landscape management.

We’re ready to hear your needs, truly understand them, and provide you high-quality landscaping work that brings your vision to life. Whether you’re interested in front yard landscaping, backyard landscaping, or even smaller garden design projects, our landscape planners are ready to listen. We’re dedicated to our customers and the experiences we bring them, so our services prioritize you in a way no other landscaping company can.

Our customers have loved the passion we have for our projects and the commitment we have to them— and we’re sure you will, too.

landscaping services

We know that you’ve dreamed about this deck, and we want the real thing to be as beautiful as the one in your imagination. That’s why our natural, plastic, and composite decking company offers several types of deck, each with their own particular benefits and made from only the best high-quality materials. Together, we can talk about the strengths and benefits of each type of deck, including:

Garden landscaping: plant, tree, & flower design

Raised beds & garden containers

Paths & Walkways

Walls & Steps

Gravel & Pea gravel

patios & pavers

Fire Pits

Outdoor Lighting

Our all-inclusive landscaping process

Our cutting-edge process brings the best contemporary approaches to landscaping directly to your home. Our procedure is simple, modernized, and effective, meaning that you don’t have to worry about having an experience that’s outdated, only relies on traditional methods, or is too expensive.


First, we’ll assess the current situation of your property. We’ll also take the time to really get to know you, hear your landscaping goals, and help you envision a future for your outdoor living space. One we have the measurements and we understand your ideas, we’ll combine them to establish a dynamic and efficient plan that will guide us as we create a beautiful new landscape that fits into your budget.


As we begin to plan your project, we’ll research the zoning and coding regulation of your local administrations to understand boundaries, limitations, and timelines for your project. We’ll use this information to confirm that your project is practical, doable, and meeting all local requirements.


Our team of designers will work together to plan out your vision. Our state-of-the-art design tools will provide you with precisely detailed visual representation of your outdoor living space. If the design doesn’t fit your expectations, no worries— we’ll continue to exchange ideas and reiterate the design so that you are building your dream landscape and you know exactly what you’re getting.


Our team of highly trained construction workers, gardeners, designers, and project managers will work together to see your design realized and properly executed. We’re safe, punctual, and efficient, which means there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. Your outdoor living space will be completed safely, on time, and within your budget.


To maintain the beauty that we’ve created together, we offer both warranties on your new landscape and a variety of maintenance plans that will help keep your outdoor space looking fresh and new for years to come.


Our landscape design team knows that a outdoor space is dynamic— that plants grows, seasons and weather patterns change, and that the space will be used by your family and friends for years. To help your outdoor living space withstand the test of time, we use a systematic approach to designing your space that considers these ever-changing factors and ensures a happy and healthy future for your yard. After we’ve heard your plans and goals and evaluated your property, we’ll begin to imagine and assemble potential features— plants, lawn, decking, hardscape paths— to fit your budget, local compliance constraints, and your vision. When we design your dream landscape, we consider:

Visual Appeal

The fundamentals of landscape composition. How do color schemes, lines, proportions, order, repetition, symmetry, cohesion, texture, form, and personal style all make your outdoor living space beautiful to look at and live in?


The usage of your space. How is your space friendly to children, pets, and visitors? How can we make the space accessible to all of your guests? How can the space entertain? How can we create movement, joy, and ease within the space? How can we make the space easy to personally maintain?


The lifespan of your landscape. How do elements interact with each other? What positive feedback loops can we create? How can we limit soil erosion and runoff? How can we create healthy, beautiful vegetation?


Our team offers a wide range of comprehensive landscape maintenance services for customers in the Portland and Vancouver metro areas. Our reliable and dedicated maintenance team will ensure that your outdoor living space is healthy and thriving year-round. Our landscaping teams are experts in plant care, lawn health, fertilization, soil conservation, and pest and weather treatment.

Our full-service landscape and lawn care series are individualized to your personal landscape.

Why Landscape design?


  • Beautify & personalize your home
  • Lower noise pollution
  • Relax, destress, & calm
  • Gain privacy
  • Encourage exercise & outdoor activity
  • Entertain guests


  • Remove air toxins & create fresh oxygen
  • Regulate global temperatures
  • Minimize erosion & soil degradation
  • Reduce flooding & runoff
  • Build new ecosystems
  • Cultivate biodiversity


  • Increase curb appeal & value
  • Draw in potential buyers
  • Reduce power bill costs
  • Minimize maintenance & replacement
  • Harvest fresh produce
  • Support a local Portland business


  • Boost security with natural barriers
  • Mitigate slipping & tripping
  • Collected moisture lowers fire hazards
  • Protection from sun
  • Safe environment for children & pets
  • Lighting for better visibility at night