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Sustainable Construction Solutions is pleased to provide residential hardscape landscaping and masonry services to the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA metro areas. We’re a local and family-owned hardscape contractor, so our #1 goal is to provide beautiful landscape and hardscape services that you can be proud to share with friends, families, and neighbors.

Our team of designers and builders provide friendly, professional, and efficient services to your home. Let’s work together to envision and create the outdoor space you’ve always wanted with stunning stonework. Imagine: walking across your lawn on beautiful hardscape pavers and pathways, spending days on your gorgeous new patio, and spending nights with the family by the fire pit. Together, we can dream it and build it into a reality.

Expert Masonry

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Looking to finally build that hardscape patio you’ve always wanted but just don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re trying to connect different parts of your property together, but you can’t figure out how to make it look pleasant for guests. Luckily, we’re masonry and landscaping experts.

We know that you often have dreams and goals for your home, but executing them can be difficult. At Sustainable Construction Solutions, we’ve seen it all, so we know the variety of difficulties that a landscaping project can incur.

We understand different types of landscapes and can help you fit your dreams into your home’s natural landscape. We also understand how to expand your living space and help you get more use out of your home. We can also help you figure out how to make your project look as beautiful as it does in your imagination, choosing the right stones and materials for the job.
Our expert masons can help you:

Understand your natural landscape

Envision your project

Design new hardscape backyard features

Determine placement of structures

Choose stone to compliment your taste

Work within your budget

Make your yard more stable

Bring joy and fun to your outdoor space

Create a beautiful experience for your guests

Call us for a free consultation to see how we can liven up your space together.

Hardscaping services

In outdoor design, hardscaping is the term for the man-made portion of the landscape. These features can be big or small, but all will enhance the usability and natural beauty of your yard. At Sustainable Construction Solutions, we specialize in creating custom, beautiful hardscaping designs and features, such as:

Ponds, waterways, & fountains

Walls & retaining walls

Patio & sitting areas

Staircases & frontstoops

rock garden

Custom driveways & sidewalks

Fire Pits & Outdoor fireplaces

Walkways, stepping stones, & paver paths

We begin the process by getting to know your and your visions as well as your home’s natural landscape. We then use our hardscaping expertise to create a layout that fulfills your dreams and beautifies your yard.

When you invest in hardscape construction, you help extend your living space to the outdoors, too. Hardscaping installation extends the comfort of a home further, allowing us to feel at ease in our backyards. Just like the interior of your home, this space is a representation of who you are. Sustainable Construction Solutions can help you bring your personality, style, and taste into a beautiful new hardscape project, creating an outdoor space that you’ll want to enjoy and relax in for years.

Repair and maintenance services

Sometimes, things fall apart. Maybe the workmanship was shoddy, or people weren’t careful and caring with your property, or mother nature had other plans for your yard. Damage to your existing hardscaping and masonry work happens— and when it does, we can fix it.

If your outdoor living space has been damaged, let us help you make it more beautiful than ever. In addition to offering services to create new landscapes, we can help you repair your old landscapes and return them to their former glory.

Whether the pavers in your path have become uneven or your patio has begun to crack and sprout weeds, let us help you figure out a permanent solution. Our affordable pricing and the durability of our hardscaping works means that you can be sure your investment is going directly back into your home.

The longer you wait, the worse things can become— call us today for a fix that brings beauty back to your heart.

Why invest in hardscaping?

There are so many reasons to invest in built structure and masonry work for your yard. A well-built space like the ones we provide are beautiful to look at, of course, but think of all the other things they can do for you:

Good For your family

Nothing brings a family closer than time spent together! With the right landscaping, you can increase the time and space your family can share. A proper outdoor living space extends your home into the outdoors and allows your family to feel safe and comfortable outside, opening the path to new activities.

Imagine summer days spent sipping a cool drink on the patio or splashing around in a pool. Imagine nights spent roasting marshmallows in your new fire pit, roaming the pathways of your yard to search for fireflies, or sharing an evening drink by the calming sounds of the pond. With a beautiful landscape, this can all be yours.

Good For your wallet

Landscaping, hardscaping, and masonry don’t just approve the appearance of your home— they improve its value, too. According to Money Magazine, well-landscaped homes can sell for +10% more than a home with no landscaping because “livable outdoor space is high on many buyers’ wish lists.”

Everyone knows how important a first impression is, and your home’s landscaping is the first impression it makes on interested buyers. A home that’s well kept on the outside is “recommended by 78% of realtors,” and the increase in curb appeal can help your home garner more interest, sell faster, and earn more money.

Good For the economy

Landscaping services are an important player in the American economy. Did you know that there are over 600,000 landscaping services businesses currently in the US? The landscaping industry earns over $105 billion dollars annually and continues to grow in size each year. Landscaping businesses like us hire a million workers every year, giving people work even when jobs are difficult to come by.

Your contracts with us support a local business who employs local and multicultural citizens and pays them fair, living wages. We also put our money back into other small businesses and our Portland and Vancouver communities. Thank you!
We know that there are lots of choices when it comes to landscaping your home.
We hope you’ll choose us for our dedication to our local customers, our outstanding work ethic and products, and our friendly and fast customer service.