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If you’re on the hunt for the premier fencing contractors in Vancouver, WA, and have found yourself typing “fence company near me” into search bars with uncertain results, your search ends here. Sustainable Construction Solutions is your definitive call for fence installation. Our top-rated fence company provides an array of fencing options for both residential and commercial needs. Our skilled team of fencing experts is ready to guide you to the perfect fencing solution for your space.

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Our fencing materials

Wood fencing

The classic, favored for its time-honored appearance. Wood fencing is natural and affordable, and proper maintenance of a wood fence will ensure that it lasts a long time.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl’s strength lies in its, well, strength, as well as its flexibility. Vinyl is a popular choice due to its durability and lack of required maintenance.

Composite fencing

Recycled wood and recycled plastic combine to make a dependable fence that’s good for 0ur planet and will last a lifetime.

Wire, Cattle, Farm Fencing

Wire, Cattle, and Farm fencing can be a great solution for acreage.

Metal & Chain Link fencing

Metal provides so many options for fencing, such as lightweight aluminum or the classic wrought-iron style. With metal, you can create almost anything to meet your desired aesthetic and functions.

Specialized fencing

Want something out of the ordinary? We can create unique fences out of other materials, too. Give us a call to see what we can do for you!

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A timeless and adaptable fencing option, wood fencing brings privacy, security, and an aesthetic touch to any property. Its organic appearance blends seamlessly with diverse landscapes and architectural designs, favored by property owners. Wood fences are available in a variety of materials such as cedar, pine, and redwood, each with their own set of benefits, including longevity and resistance to decay, as well as the ease of applying stain or paint.

Before choosing a wood fence, consider what you require in terms of height, design, and privacy. Popular choices range from the quaint picket fence to the more private, solid-panel fences. Installation typically involves setting posts into concrete, securing horizontal rails, and fixing the fence boards to the rails.

Maintaining a wood fence is straightforward: regular cleaning and periodic staining or painting to shield it from the weather will ensure its durability. A well-kept wood fence is not just a property marker but a value-enhancing feature for your property, representing a wise investment for the future.


Chain link fencing stands out as an economical and functional choice for securing spaces, embraced by residential and commercial property owners alike. Composed of a steel wire mesh with a distinctive diamond pattern, it delivers dependable security without sacrificing visibility, making it ideal for enclosing areas like yards, playfields, and industrial zones.

The primary appeal of a chain link fence lies in its cost-effectiveness when compared to materials like wood or vinyl. Installation is a straightforward process, and the fencing can be tailored in height, color, and finish to meet various specifications. The use of galvanized steel, known for its rust resistance, and the option for vinyl coating for extra style and protection, are among its notable features.

Chain link fences are low-maintenance, typically requiring just an occasional hose down and a check for any wear or loose components. Their open weave design ensures visibility, which is crucial for secure areas where monitoring is necessary.


Vinyl fencing is carving out its niche in the fencing market, acclaimed for its resilience, low maintenance demands, and design flexibility. Constructed from PVC, it stands up to the environmental factors that typically degrade wood and metal fences. Thanks to its imperviousness to moisture, decay, and rust, vinyl fencing remains pristine with minimal care.

One of the standout benefits of vinyl fencing is the diversity of design options it offers, including looks that replicate wood grain or decorative ironwork without the hassle of upkeep. Its adaptability makes it suitable for various applications, from ornamental garden enclosures to sturdy privacy fencing. Additionally, a vinyl fence is an eco-friendly choice as it is non-toxic and fully recyclable.

Setting up a vinyl fence is uncomplicated, with pieces designed to fit together smoothly. Although the upfront cost may surpass that of other materials, the negligible maintenance and replacement expense over time render it an economical option. With its neat appearance and lasting appeal, a vinyl fence is a strategic enhancement to any property's value and aesthetic.

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