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fence company near me Portland
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Our fencing materials

Wood fencing

The classic, favored for its time-honored appearance. Wood fencing is natural and affordable, and proper maintenance of a wood fence will ensure that it lasts a long time.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl’s strength lies in its, well, strength, as well as its flexibility. Vinyl is a popular choice due to its durability and lack of required maintenance.

Composite fencing

Recycled wood and recycled plastic combine to make a dependable fence that’s good for 0ur planet and will last a lifetime.

Wire, Cattle, Farm Fencing

Wire, Cattle, and Farm fencing can be a great solution for acreage.

Metal & Chain Link fencing

Metal provides so many options for fencing, such as lightweight aluminum or the classic wrought-iron style. With metal, you can create almost anything to meet your desired aesthetic and functions.

Specialized fencing

Want something out of the ordinary? We can create unique fences out of other materials, too. Give us a call to see what we can do for you!

Fence Fixes






For a blend of functionality and value, chain link fencing is a standout choice for both residential and commercial enclosures. Its resilient steel wire mesh is configured into a distinctive diamond pattern, providing robust security while keeping spaces open and visible, ideal for encircling playgrounds, sports courts, and business premises.

What sets chain link fencing apart is its affordability relative to other materials, combined with the ease of installation. Tailorable to your specific needs in height, color, and coating, it's available in rust-resistant galvanized steel, with the option of vinyl coating for added style and fortitude. The maintenance of chain link fences is notably undemanding, often only requiring a simple cleaning and periodic checks for potential damage. Their open design ensures clear lines of sight, crucial for areas where visibility is key to maintaining security.


Vinyl fencing is gaining traction as a smart choice for property delineation, known for its robustness, minimal upkeep, and wide range of design possibilities. Made from high-quality PVC, it withstands the environmental assaults that wear down wood and metal, maintaining its condition with barely any effort.

The advantage of vinyl fencing is its extensive assortment of designs and hues, offering options that emulate the textures of wood or the intricate patterns of wrought iron, all without the need for ongoing maintenance. It's a perfect match for various applications, from decorative to functional privacy fencing. Moreover, vinyl fencing is an environmentally conscious selection, being non-toxic, devoid of the need for constant finishing, and fully recyclable.

The installation of vinyl fencing is designed for ease, with components that lock together seamlessly. Despite a potentially higher initial investment compared to other materials, the savings in maintenance and replacement over time affirm its position as a cost-effective choice. With its clean lines and enduring presence, vinyl fencing is a strategic investment in the aesthetic and monetary value of your residential or commercial property.

If you’re set to begin your fencing project, reach out to Sustainable Construction Solutions at 888-708-2652 today! We’re here to provide you with a cost-free estimate and guide you towards the fencing that best suits your home or business needs.